Tylen B. Iowa

Illegal Immigration

I believe illegal immigration is a serious problem.

Dear Future President of the United States,

A topic I feel strongly about is national security/border control. There isn’t any personal reason as to why I feel so passionate about this topic, but I definitely have a strong opinion on the issue. The following paragraphs will explain my strong stance on illegal immigration. I will discuss different ethnicities of people.

First, I will discuss the border with Mexico. I believe we need stricter border control. I also think we should build a wall. Illegal immigrants bring in crime and smuggle drugs. One part of the crime that is so bad is the illegal immigrants in Los Angeles. There are too many gangs around the Los Angeles area, and a lot of them are illegal immigrants. A nation is not a nation without borders. Approximately 6 million illegal Mexican immigrants are in the United States. That is 6 million too many. In addition to illegal Mexican immigrants, there are many other illegal immigrants coming from different countries. Only around 50% of illegal immigrants are Mexicans, so that means there are a lot more immigrants coming into our nation illegally. They take away jobs from hardworking Americans, which is destroying the integrity and pride of our country. When one illegal immigrant gets across the border without conflict, that just invites more and more immigrants who think they can enter illegally. This is where stricter border control comes in handy. Immigrants need to learn how to abide by the rules.

Another sub topic along the lines of illegal immigrants includes refugees from the Middle East. I don’t think they should be allowed in the country and should be deported. The amount of crime these people commit is beyond what it should be. Attacks are made within the United States far too frequently. One of the reasons they shouldn’t be allowed is because of terror attacks. A big one was the Boston Marathon bombing on April 15, 2013. This bombing killed three people, including one child. Another 183 were injured, including eight children. Another terrorist attack by Islamists was San Bernardino, California on December 3, 2015, which killed 14 people and injured another 21 people. There are many more that have happened over the years.

Like I said, I have a strong stance on illegal immigration. I feel like we need to worry about the problems of the American people first. We can start by not letting refugees into the country. We can also create a border that will actually be successful. A wall shouldn't have to be built; however, if it is needed, I am all for it to stop border wars and prevent illegals from entering our nation. We need defined borders, because a nation is not a nation without borders.


Tylen B.

North Fayette Valley High School

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