Hannah Iowa

Global Warming

Global Warming is causing many issues in our world today.

Dear President,

Imagine it's 2039 and the Earth’s temperature has gotten so hot that you can’t even go outside. It’s so hot the Earth is gonna blow up and you’re thinking how did we get here. We got here by polluting the air and burning our fossil fuels. Global warming is a big problem today and I think you/we should reduce the amount of pollution in the air and the burning of our fossil fuels to solve it.

Global warming is the increase in temperature over a period of time. The Earth’s temperature has increased by 1.4F in the last 100 years. Right now every year it’s going up. The increase started in 1975 because of natural disasters. Now it's because of pollution, cows pooping, and fossil fuels. The increase is affecting everyone including plants, animals and us. The fact is if we don’t do something to stop global warming now the Earth could get too hot, explode, and we could die.

Global warming is caused by us humans sending pollution, gases, and fossil fuels into the air. This could hurt our world. If there’s too much pollution, we can’t breathe and we’ll end up dying. Global warming got bad because we were burning our fossil fuels, sending greenhouse gases into the air and letting cows poop.

I care about global warming because I don’t feel like dying because I didn’t do anything to stop it from happening in the first place. We can help stop global warming from getting bad by reducing the pollution and the amount of fossil fuels we burn.

Scientists say it’s too late to stop global warming but we can prevent this from happening by reducing what we send into the air and stop burning our fossil fuels. You can do your part by helping us reduce what we send into our air. Thank you for considering my issue and for taking the time to read my paper.


Hannah, IA