Alyssa H. Iowa


Homelessness need to be helped. The government needs to build shelters.

Dear President,

Think if it was 2040 and half of the world was homeless because the taxes were too high. People can’t afford houses these days. But also people lose their jobs, so many of these people who lost their jobs are the victims of a poor economy or a struggling company or both. So they can’t get a job and can’t afford a house and food so they have to be homeless.

Homelessness needs to be helped. 700 hundred homeless people die each year due to hypothermia. The government needs to help these people out. And many homeless people get health problems since during the winter they don’t have a warm place to stay.

We should care because those people need to get a job and not expect the government to give them money. The government needs to build homeless shelters so during the winter most homeless people don’t get sick, get hypothermia, or die.

The government should build homeless shelters, and they should also not kick the people out during the day in the winter. During the summer they should fix up the homeless shelter and not let anybody sleep there during the night since it is really nice out and not that cold.

The government should care about the people that can’t afford anything that they need to survive throughout their life. They need to build homeless shelter all over the U.S so that homeless people all over the world have a place to stay every night that is cold.


Alyssa H.

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