Breckin T. Iowa

Animal Cruelty in America

I think we all need to help all animals and try to stop animal abuse.

Dear President:

I think we all need to help all animals and try to stop animal abuse. There are so many organizations that can help abused animals, but no one seems to support them as much as we should. You can also donate to animal shelters to help dogs that don’t have a family.

It is a bad thing and no animal deserves to be abused or homeless. What if you did something and got abused, then you got dropped off and were homeless, and then no one loved you. Just imagine how that would feel like. What would you feel like, and what would you do. You would most likely be sad and miserable. What I would love to do when I get older is rescue animals that have been stranded or abused. It’s been proven that 70 percent of animal abuse happens when the owner is having a hard time in their life. People should not put all their frustration on their pet. Another way why people abuse animals are on accident. Sometimes it’s food that they are allergic too but the owner doesn’t realize that they're hurting the animal. That’s some of the reasons I want to help. There is probably not many things that help prevent that but if we all work together it might just work.

I just wish all the animals that have been abused or are homeless were rescued and cared about. 7.6 million animals are saved per year, that might sound like a lot but if we help, there will be way more if all help. Know we should all work together and make this possible. We can do so much if we try. Thanks for listening and reading.

                                                                                                         From Breckin Top