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School Districts

School districts and kids who move

 Future President, as a parent you would know the struggles kids can go through when they move, and the struggles they face in school altogether. Part of the struggles is academic for most teens and adolescents. To help make academics easier for most students, joining the districts together, when they teach something and how they teach it, would help them.

All the courses offered could be similar so the students aren't missing anything they didn't learn at their old school but their new school has learned. There are easy ways to fix this, like the student talking to the teacher, but not everyone is willing to talk to the teachers.Keeping kids from falling behind also keeps kids wanting to be successful later in life. This could cause a chain reaction to better America or the world.

A national problem between states is the school system. The districts in the state and between states don't match up causing confusion and frustration. This summer, I moved from Montana to Oregon. Now that school has started, a lot of my classes go over “review,” which isn't always review for new students. While switching districts, I learned some things they haven't and my friends and peers know things I haven't learned. This is due to the districts not lining up. Most districts only interact for transcripts, and other than that, the learning criteria isn't always the same. Between 2013 and 2014, about 11 percent or 35 million people over the age of one moved residences. With these numbers, many people are transferred into another school district and missing work or just going over material that they have already gone over, which is wasting their full potential going over material they don't need to re-learn.

The first few weeks are “review” to remind students what they might have forgotten over the summer. Being a new student, this could be confusing if you didn’t learn it. If the school year doesn’t start well, it could set up the entire school year. Not doing well in school sets up our future. With how much students lose motivation in the beginning of the year they tend to fall into that habit. These people grow into adults without a lot of motivation.

The opposite of this is students who have motivation becoming successful. The more successful people we have the better we can make our economy and country. I know I almost lost my motivation this year when I first started. If it wasn’t for people helping me, I never would have felt I fit in here at my new high school. Especially starting a new school after being used to one, example: my situation of already having two years of high school done and then moving schools. This makes transitions harder and the one thing many students wish was easier is the academic transition.

Please Mr. or Mrs. President, try helping the students, who are our future leaders and business men and women, stay motivated in school and become successful later in life. I know the moving can’t be controlled but the school systems can be changed to match better. This would help students around the country adjust to new schools when they move around. This also would be a great help to military families who tend to move quite a bit, but most still attend public schools like everyone else. Everyone wants to focus on making new friends and fitting in, but falling behind on academics makes that more stressful than it needs to be.