Caylie R. Oregon

Abuse in the united states

Abuse in the states is taken lightly, we need some laws pushed to inforce that this is not a subject to be taken lightly.

Dear President,

An issue we have in our world today, not just in the United States but all over, is abuse. There should be a law passed that everyone who abuse others in anyway is sentenced to 20 years or more in prison, depending on how severe the injuries are, how long they’ve been doing it, how old they are, or if the victims are not human.

There are many forms of abuse, including: emotional, physical, mental, self-abuse, neglect and many more that are not noticed in the U.S. Child abuse, animal abuse, sexual abuse, drug abuse, these are things we don’t pay attention to, including the impact it has on someone’s or something’s life in the future.

According to the University of California organization creating safe places for youth, 66% of kids are neglected, 17% are physically abused, 10% are sexually abused and 7% are emotionally mistreated. 85% of women are involved in an abusive situation, only 15% of men are abused. These numbers exceptionally high, they shouldn’t be high if it’s illegal.

I have personally experienced abuse, including bullying, sexual harassment and rape. I never understood why these were bad until it happened to me. Feeling the pain and hatred that comes with it makes it hard to go on in society. The sad thing is, we don’t see the signs in others, so they end up killing themselves over the amount of feelings that come in all forms.

The long term impact of abuse is people become anti-social, depressed. They act differently around people, and they are out there questioning if others care about them. People who have been through this,  are questioning if it’s okay to tell someone.

Drug abuse is a choice, but if people who use drugs are killing others, it needs to become illegal in all states. People strongly disagree with the choices these people make. Others are saying it should only be legal if it’s prescribed by a doctor. People who use drugs seem to lash out on loved ones or strangers when they don’t get what they want. People aren’t aware of that, Drugs affect the brain in a way that stimulates it.

Abuse is easy to see, but we are blind when it comes to seeing someone in need. Look at people’s actions and watch their interactions with others. I myself am asking you to set a law that, if they are caught,  they go to jail immediately about it. I don’t like being hurt, and I don’t like seeing it done to others. It’s a horrible feeling to have someone call you names, hurt you sexually, hurt yourself even more just so you could feel something. You have to walk in someone else’s shoes, someone who has been hurt like that to know the true pain it causes. People who have been abused need to speak out to you. I think that you should speak out to people on behalf of their safety put the people who hurt them in jail, save lives. Encourage them to get help, they will open up and say who these bad people are.

People will open up if they know someone is out there and they actually care. People who haven’t been through this act in different ways than the people who have been through it. People who have are out there being scared of people, breaking down at odd times, crying once a day no matter where they are, not wanting to show others how they feel because if they do, they think others are going to hurt them because of it. It’s pure logic, humans who have been hurt are scared of talking. Animals are scared of people, and trusting humans is not an option. People who have been abused have different ways of showing it, but it’s common we all hide it. I think that a law should be passed for our safety as humans and animals. We are all worth it, we all matter, every life counts, passing this law will help so many lives knowing that they don’t have to go on wondering when they are going to be a victim again.

Thank you for taking time to read this,