Jeysaun G. Massachusetts


The common underlooked crime that's is storming the states.

Dear President,

My name is Jeysaun Gant a sophomore from Community Academy of Science and Health and today I’m sending you a letter about an overlooked breach of the 13th amendment. Sex trafficking is the problem I want addressed and ultimately stopped.

Sex trafficking is a very real problem that's occurring internationally not only in the U.S; the problem that lets it continue is that we keep pointing fingers for who is to blame. Is it: The parents who weren’t present in their child's life 24/7 or maybe the child who was doing things they weren't supposed to and got themselves in the situation and never wanted to speak up.   Or even the people who recruit these children taking advantage of strained parental relationships and prey on these kids. I think that it's the networking and the people who advertise and promote these actions, ie. a very well known place for sex trafficking.  They were accused on more than 100s of occasions of selling underage children for the purposes of sex.

Now that we identified one of the vital pillars of sex trafficking in the states we now need a plan.  Unfortunately Backpage knows its criminal underside and hides behind various laws and amendments but they also break these as well.  Backpage sells and offers women and men for the purposes of sex if this wasn't the case then they wouldn't advertise these things but this relates to the way the world works.

As humans we all want to live the easiest and most effective lifestyle that's why these people take advantage of “Supply and Demand”.  Using the normal person's insatiable need for procreation and turns it into a plantation so to speak. By recruiting girls then pimping then out, and keeping them in horrible conditions while also denying them their rights as citizens that the 14th amendment justly protects traffickers are breaking the law.

 300,000 children are pimped out and the industry make 4 million yearly off these oppressed girls keeping them all in the loop by death threats and incriminating things against them and even when these girls are found out they are turned into criminals.  They get arrested and processed as heathens while their pimps simply move onto the next girl. This is why I think sex trafficking needs to be stopped and why we need to press on these issues even more and you being president can really create more of an impact.


Jeysaun Gant