Herby M. Massachusetts



Dear future President of the United States,

       I'm Herby Milien a senior at Community Academy of Science and Health ( CASH ) in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. In this letter, I'm writing to you to talk about immigration. 

       It's a great pleasure for me to write you this letter about immigration as a U.S resident. Immigration Policy should help undocumented immigrants that have good conduct in the U.S, specifically the people that are not committing any crimes or going in and out of  jail every couple of months. The undocumented  immigrants that go to school to get an education should get legal papers that can help them find a job. Even though they are unable to get support from the government, these are the people that should be helped.  I believe that the undocumented people should be able to apply  for financial aid to go to college, file taxes,and vote in the country.

         This topic should be important for our next president because  the undocumented people should be treated as humans and not like animals. They are humans that came from some other countries for certain reasons. It might be for political, religious, economic or family issues. That's  why some people might come in this country undocumented.

         Future president I hope you stay on this issues so you make America great.