Jeysaun G. Massachusetts

Birthright Citizenship


Dear President,

I am Jeysaun Gant a sophomore at Community Academy of Science and Health and I wanted to write to you about the always present birthright citizenship epidemic. It has been the topic on many people's minds and it is very present at all the debates.  Now birthright citizenship cannot be completely taken away, but it can be modified and I think that is the path you should take.

This issue has caused many arguments, fights and even deaths over something that with just a little tweaking can accommodate everyone.  I propose that instead of keeping the “Law of Soil” concept we can change it slightly because if people can just cross our borders and then have a child that lets them stay in the U.S.   And that child gets all of our benefits while other people who are using legal channels are getting turned down or not allowed entry in.  This isn't fair.

This issue is very important because while immigrants built this country they are now invading it and betraying its trust. Now don't just deport the undocumented, give them a chance to earn their citizenship but only for them not their whole family. Overpopulation is a serious problem plaguing many countries and areas and even America is starting to face its harmful effects.