Tre H. Massachusetts

President of the Future

Police Brutality

Dear President, 

My name is Tre Hendren and I transferred from Academy of the Pacific Rim Charter School to Community of Science and Health. I am 16 years old and I enjoy playing basketball as well as communicating with new people and having fun. My dream college is UCONN but in order for me to attend this school I would have to recognized not only as a basketball player but as a young adult with a stellar GPA. I wish to receive a scholarship so that my mother doesn't have to worry about paying for me and my sisters education and drown her at once. 

To begin with,  one problem that I see in my community is Police Brutality. Police brutality is a big problem that should be addressed in OUR Community because all over the world white cops are using unnecessary force on Blacks. For example, over a month ago I saw a video on Facebook and a man was riding his bike and the lady police officer stopped him and told him to get off his bike and the man said, " Why what I do?"  The police officer couldn't give a valid answer besides, " Because I said so. " The man refused and the lady police officer then tried using force on the man,  calling for backup and then her back  up came and the other white police officer threw him up against the concrete sidewalk and forced the cuffs on him. This is a very common problem around the world because White police officers think that it is okay to hurt, and or beat US Blacks to death just because they have the power to and because they feel like it . This is not only occurring around me but in  many other parts of the world. 

How I would try to address this problem is by protesting to try and get the Mayor's attention, or by making a statement in public places and express how this is effecting me, my peers and my community. This needs to be addressed and resolved because with the amount of police brutality occurring, it is only going to make the people (Blacks) mad and respond to the White police with unnecessary force by acting back with force causing many to die both Black and Whites. 

The people of the community should be able to just leave there houses both kids and parents and not have to worry about something happening to there relatives .