Lucas H. Massachusetts

College Debt/Cost Crisis.

Hello, Madam/Mr. President. One of the country's crisis is our college debt. The entire college debt is over $1,700,000,000. That accounts almost 1/20 of our national debt.

I’m a middle school student the time this letter was written. After middle school, I will go to high school, then to college. I’m not worried about going to high school, but I’m worried about going to college because of: college costs and debts. College is super expensive unless people were athletic enough to get a scholarship. It’s very stressful and sad that young adults are deprived from getting college education because of money.

To fully understand the stress of college debt, I read people’s college debt story in many perspectives. A former student who only goes by the name Linda is stuck with $180,000 in debt! That’s the same amount of money to buy a small house. Not only students are being affected by it, but so are the student’s parents. A father named David Meyer is stuck with $300,000 debt from his 3 children. I learned all of these stories from

Nobody should ever be stuck in this kind of debt, education is a right, not a privilege. Why has college tuition increased over the past decades? The value of college should be lowered while value of education should be higher. Meaning the price of college should be lowered just like in the 1980s so the generation of never paying off your loans can be the thing of the past.

Sincerly, Lucas Huang

Baker ELA


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