Janylis Massachusetts



Dear Mr. President

My name is Janylis Torres. I live in Boston Massachusetts and I attend school here in Boston. I am originally from Puerto Rico. I have two older brothers that are from the Dominican Republic and I would like them to come here to America to be a citizen. 

I am here to inform you that there are plenty of immigrants trying to live in the United States. This issue affects be badly because I do have family members that want to be a part of the U.S. My brother is from the Dominican Republic and he isn't a citizen to be able to come down here. My brothers little family: his daughter and wife also want to come down here. But none of them are citizens. They all need jobs and the kids need a education and they all need a good stable home.

 My position on this topic is that you as the president need to help everyone.  Especially the immigrants that want to come to the U.S. I feel like any immigrant should be able to come to America and get a good education and jobs and a good stable home. This policy should be handled by just letting people that really deserve to be here in a America.  Help them be a citizen and help them get all the papers that they need to be a citizen. Instead of making some people in America satisfied, I feel like as a president you should make people satisfied as a whole not just one part.

 In my opinion there are people that deserve to be here and deserve to get the same treatment that everyone else gets. Immigrants are no different from citizens. Everyone needs to be able to follow the same laws and policy.

This issue should be important for our next president because there are things that need to change. No one should be feeling left out. Everyone needs an education, stable home, and good job no matter where there from and where they live.