A'Shara H Georgia


You are going to be the next president and i suggest that you end all abortions.

Dear future president,

Abortion in America should be made illegal. Abortion is an issue that many americans are against. Yet there are some Americans that are for it. Many people kill or as they say “abort” the growing child/fetus inside of them. Only because they are not ready to have a child in their life. Maybe before the women who decide to abort their babies should think about all the different choices they have before killing/aborting the child growing in them. There are millions of women that wants children but are unable to get pregnant and the only choice they have is to adopt. They should think about the consequences they get before getting pregnant with an unwanted child. The unborn child/fetus didn’t ask to be put onto this earth, so it is fair to the child that it has a life to live and be happy with.

The women out there getting pregnant should think about what they should do to prevent themselves pregnant. Having unprotected sex is the person’s fault if they didn’t want to get pregnant. I understand that the teenagers who get pregnant from being raped is a cause for them getting abortions but they should still think about giving the unborn child a chance to live and be with another family at least. But the teenagers out there getting pregnant from going around and having sex is a entirely different story. It is best to wait to have sex until you are married because you will most likely want a child to complete your little or big family. That’s not everyone’s choice in this case. It is shown in my research that the rate of women/teenagers getting abortions is going lower by a few million but there are still more women who can not have children but want children.

If a women does not want to have a child in their life at all or just in that moment or even for a few years then maybe they should just check their choices of freezing their eggs, have protected sex or not intimate contact with anyone at all then. I understand that some people are not religious but for the ones who are and getting abortions should know that they are killing God’s gift to them and that is pretty bad. If the women does not want her child that doesn’t mean that she has to end it’s unborn life yet.

It is shown also in my research that nearly 53 million legal abortions occurred since 1973 and 2011. That is a pretty big number right? Many want to be mother’s out there think about how it would have been if they aborted their child and then they realize what would they be if they didn’t have their child or children. They would have been devastated. Getting pregnant is not something to just happen to you and then you end it. It is to have a child and build a family and to have a responsibility. Not just something that turns into nothing but to something that turns into something way bigger than just something.

Many women decide to give their unborn child’s life up but it is not fair to the child because the child didn’t ask to be put on this earth like I said before. It is totally unfair to the women who can not have children and only have the choice to adopt a child but soon there will probably be no children to adopt if women keep getting abortions. And yes even though a teenager who has gotten raped or forced onto to have sex that doesn’t mean you have to get an abortion, just give the baby up for adoption. My reasoning for this letter was for you as the future president to put an end to abortion and make it no longer a thing to do in the United States of America.

-A’Shara H.