Belmira B. Washington


Abortion is the biggest issue facing the nation. Women should have a choice in what to do with their bodies.

Dear Future President,

There’s many problems in the world that should be resolved. I believe one of the most important issues is abortion and whether to make it legal or illegal. Which if it were to be made illegal would be a bad idea, and therefore would be made into an even worse issue than it already is. Abortion is a tough decision, but it should be made by the woman herself and not the government. If she decides to have an abortion she should have that option. Considering the fact that women make the choice whether to have an abortion or not for the good of the baby, they make the decision while thinking about what the baby’s life will be like. Whether it’s better to have an abortion if they can’t give them a good life or to keep the baby and struggle. Women have many reasons to have abortions, some of them being; they can’t help the baby financially, the baby wouldn’t be able to survive outside the womb, another being they got pregnant because they got raped, and another being they’re not women, they’re just teenagers and made a mistake and they can’t care for the child considering that they are still a child themselves. But either way you can’t really stop a woman from having an abortion, she’ll always find some way to do it whether it’s legal or illegal. “They say that pregnant women will resort to unsafe illegal abortions if there is no legal option.” When a women makes a decision to have an abortion, it’s not an easy decision for her. She will struggle with that decision for the rest of her life and regret it but she made that decision because it may of been her best option. “Well, it’s so recent that I’ve mostly been in a cocoon. I know I’m not very good at pretending to be good when I’m not. My instinct is to always just be by myself, be miserable, and then when I’ve gotten through it, then I’ll come out.” Women are so disappointed after they have an abortion. “Some women may find it helpful to talk about their feelings with a family member, friend, or counselor. Feelings of loss or of disappointment, resulting, for example, from a lack of support from the spouse or partner, should not be confused with regret about the abortion. Women who experience guilt or sadness after an abortion usually report that their feelings are manageable.” A women said this, it just proves that they’re heartbroken after they have an abortion and they know they will be, but they do it anyways because they know that it’s what’s best for the baby.

Reasons women have abortions are they’re young and get raped or even get raped when they’re old. Other reason why a woman would want an abortion is because there was an accident like a condom broke or something like that and another reason is because the mother has realized that she is not fit to be a mother maybe due to an addiction or something of the sort. Some situations may be more acceptable to the public, but I believe that any woman has the right to abortion because it is their body and they are the only one capable of knowing how they feel. Being a women in this world today you don’t really have a say in anything, but why can’t you have a say in what you wanna do with your body? I haven’t actually myself had any problems with abortion because I’m still young and haven’t ran into issues. But when you’re young is when there’s the most problems. Girls my age are most likely to get raped, and having an abortion is necessary, because obviously you’re not ready to be a mom, and it wasn’t your fault nor choice to be pregnant. If women don’t get to have a say in anything else in the world this is one thing that only the women should have a say in. With that said, what I want the next president to do is take this issue seriously and realize that if america is all about freedom, then a woman has the right to decide what they want to do with their body. I want them to legalize abortion for all women across the U.S. so that if something does happen to a woman she has a backup plan.



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