Sarah B. Utah

Protecting a Woman's Autonomy

I am a 17-year-old female from Utah writing about the importance of protecting a woman's right to having an abortion.

Dear future president,

I hope you have earned your stay in the White House and I hope you do much to defend the rights of our people. In the 2016 election, we were faced with a tough decision between two opponents and I hope, whoever you are, that you are willing to work for the people of this nation, truthfully and dutifully.

The rights of people have been violated over the course of our history and it is your job to confront and defend whatever right is being violated at the moment. You must follow in the footsteps of Abraham Lincoln who helped start the Civil Rights Movement, or Woodrow Wilson who endorsed women’s rights to vote. You must defend the rights of the people being violated. Currently, I believe one of the biggest issues within our community is the fight to take away a woman's right to abortion.

I understand that as a government we have the right to protect life but since when are we allowed to control a woman’s body? To me, having an abortion is a woman’s choice. Looking at both sides of the story is important when deciding what is right or wrong but ultimately a woman should have a right to their own body.

Prolife argues that all human life is sacred while pro-choice discerns that if a human personhood cannot be proven in pregnancies then the government has the duty to keep abortion legal. Both point of views are protecting rights but in the case of pro-life it is an unborn infant's life and in the case of pro-choice it is women’s human rights, their moral autonomy, and their choices. It is a huge dispute with the government because it has to do with law and what can and can’t be done. It is your job to decide that no matter what the situation is, a woman should have the right to decide whether or not she brings a life into the world. When being pro-choice, it means you agree that contraceptives and abortion are necessary to protecting a woman’s right.

Ultimately when looking back on history, blacks, women, and gays have all fought for their rights and succeeded in some cases but we must continue to pursue our rights in order to gain full autonomy. The idea of abortion has to do with women and I think you need to consider whether or not you would want a woman to carry a child even if she was raped, it harms her health, or she does not have the means to give this baby a good life. There are too many circumstances to be taken into account and the most important is autonomy. As president you must maintain and protect the autonomy of a woman’s body. Our nation and myself has put our trust into you, so do us right and earn your stay in the White House by protecting women’s rights.



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