Hannah V. Utah

Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood, a facility that provides affordable healthcare for men and women nationwide, is being threatened of being defunded due to one thing: that the perform abortions.

Dear Future President,

Recently, the proposal to defund of Planned Parenthood has been stricken across the newspapers, debates, and media. Recent advocaters pledge for the defunding of planned parenthood due to one thing, that they legally perform abortions.

What planned parenthood does is more than perform abortions, they are one of the nation’s leading high quality, affordable care facilities for men and women. They administer medication (some even prenatal vitamins) provide sex education: which informs people who have been sheltered from the topic or would just prefer to have more information on the topic. This is provided when people are ready, to make safe choices and avoid unplanned pregnancies and STD’s.

Abortion is not an easy thing to choose. When girls get pregnant at a young age, or when a women has a health condition that cannot support a baby, abortion is usually the answer. It’s not easy, it’s not glamorous, and it is not a choice any women would like to make, however they are performed every day and give millions of women country wide another chance. Another reason for the performance of abortions, is costs. Yes, an abortion costs money but raising a child when someone is not financially stable leads to lifelong causes and would have severe damages on the child.

Planned parenthood performs safe abortion services, which are performed by medical professionals in a comforting environment. If PP was defunded these women would have nowhere to turn to, yes there are abortion clinics but they cost so much more because they aren’t governmentally funded. Planned parenthood does not have a huge government financial support, but it has enough to help people’s lives. This option of turning to planned parenthood, is much more affordable, and when some women can’t afford it, they has no place to go. If this woman doesn’t get the proper care, nutrients, and supplements; she needs it becomes very dangerous for her health, and her baby’s.

Once again, an abortion is not something that you want to happen, some people have no choice. It is a personal resolution, one that needs support, if a women feels that she can raise a baby properly she should keep it. If she feels she is unfit, emotionally, medically, financially etc. she should look at other options. But it is her choice. Abortions aren’t the only procedure PP provides; across the country women rely on PP for necessary testing like PAP testing, breast exams: critical for detecting cancer. Also providing tests for sexually transmitted diseases, which if not treated, can lead to serious and fatal health complications.

Defunding planned parenthood could cost 2.5 million men and women their lives, it is unimaginable that the government would even consider defunding a program that supports and educates such a large number of US citizens. Defunding this program would be like America turning away from it’s people.


Hannah, a concerned student and citizen

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