Emily A. Utah

Abortion should be Illegal except for rape or if the life of a mother is threatened.

In this essay you will read about why abortion should be illegal, and some facts that I'm sure will interest you, and make you think differently on your opinion towards abortion.

Abortion is a very common thing happening in our world. Many people are for abortion, but they do not realize how bad it is. They do not know about it to the full extent. Abortion needs to be illegal, except for cases such as rape or if the mother will die. Abortion is more dangerous than actual child birth. Having an abortion also leads to many physical and emotional affects that no one would want. Women are having abortions for very selfish reasons and there are way too many abortions a year. I feel so strongly towards abortion because many women have an abortion when their child is going to be special needs or have deformities. I want to study in Special Ed in college and become a Special Needs teacher. So their lives are very important to me, and I do not want to lose anymore of these kind hearted, amazing people. It is not right.

Did you know that abortion is actually more dangerous for the mother than just giving birth to the child? Mothers are in much higher risk with abortions. According to Women’s care center of La Grange, large studies in Denmark have shown that there is a shockingly high risk of death among women who have first trimester abortions. Louisiana's department of health states that first trimester abortions have high death risk because of complications such as pelvic infection, incomplete abortion, blood clots in the uterus, etc. Most women don’t realize how dangerous it could actually be for them to go through with abortion. Also a Danish study of nearly half a million women have found that women who have a first trimester have a 89% higher risk of death within the first year after they have the abortion, compared to other women who have not had an abortion. So why do we still have so many abortions? Women need to realize the harm it has on their life. With a ten year period doctors still found an 80% higher risk of death for these women who have had an abortion. It also states that women who had an early or late abortion have significantly higher mortality rates within 1-10 years after their abortions. 10 years is a very long time for anyone having to worry about their life and health. Is that really worth it?

Higher death rates with abortion than normal childbirth isn’t the only thing women should worry about. Abortion leaves women with plenty of physical and emotional side effects that no one would want to go through. According to americanpregnancy.org some of the physical side effects are vomiting, diarrhea, damage to the cervix, heavy bleeding, infection or sepsis, it goes as far as to death also. They have stated the emotional side effects: with regret, insomnia or nightmares, suicidal thoughts, relationship issues, eating disorders, and anxiety. These side effects are terrifying and question a woman’s life. These effects are needed to keep in deep consideration. Women do not realize the effect on them after their abortion, they need to keep these effects in their mind. We have a way to take these awful effects away so let’s do it.

The number of abortions being done a year is such a high and scary number. Most abortions are done for unneeded reasons. These women and men aren’t owning up to their consequences. They are taking the easy selfish way out. According to CNN news, the last recorded year of abortions was in 2012 and it was 699,202 abortions, these are just the ones recorded. There could be more. Whether there are more or not 699,202 is still a screaming amount of deaths of these little babies. Pcuc.org states that women give three main reasons for abortion. Three-fourths are because the baby would interfere with work, school, and other duties, three-fourths say they can’t afford a child. Then half say they don’t want to be a single parent. Only 12% have one for physical or health problems, and only 1% are because of rape. These statistics show that the main reasons for abortions are because the parents aren’t owning up to their mistakes. Population would fight me on this and say that those are good reasons because they don’t want to bring a baby into this world if they can’t provide for it or bring the baby happiness. So you see though, you are not being forced to raise this baby. Adoption is always an option. People also don’t realize that after the first week or with some states the first 72 hours you have your baby, you can take it to the police station or hospital and give your baby to them. Childwelfare.gov supports me on this. The term is called “Safe Haven” and all 50 states provide it. They get no information on you and it is at no cost. Any reason besides physical reasons and rape are therefore selfish to mankind.

After reading this I hope you rethink abortion being legal. We need to make it illegal; it will benefit our society to the fullest. We will not have to deal with dangerous abortions and if the mother will live after having it. Also women will not have bad physical and emotional side effects from abortion if we make it illegal. Not to mention most women are not having them for important reasonable reasons, which is making the number a high amount that is not needed. We can fix this problem and this world with your help, thank you. 

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