Dylan M. Michigan

Human Population Growth and Global Warming

As the human population increases, global warming increases with it.

Dear Future President,

As the human population ever so closely and quickly reach the population of 8 billion, global warming is increasing due to the fact that people do things like driving gasoline fuel cars and using the air conditioner. Add to the fact that the population is growing, the increase of global warming will also take place.

NASA stated that “Most climate scientist agree that the main cause of the current global warming trend is human expansion of the greenhouse effect.” As we humans use things that produce carbon dioxide (CO2), that gas is trapped and can’t escape by the atmosphere. This is called the greenhouse effect. In the atmosphere, the greenhouse effect traps these gases which some contribute or is affected by global warming from human expansion: Water vapor is increasing when the earth's temperature warms and has a possibility in making clouds and precipitation. Carbon dioxide concentration is increasing more than a third since the industrial revolution due to human activities like factories and trains. Methane is a active more greenhouse gas than CO2 but is far less abundance. Nitrous oxide abundance has increased due to human agricultural practices. And Chlorofluorocarbons are new to the atmosphere and are man made during human activities which causes great destruction of the atmosphere.

With global warming rising, its effects causes the whole world to go imbalance. Earth will be a much warmer place like the pole’s temperature increasing to melt it’s snow and ice that will raise ocean levels and make a desert like the Kalahari desert in Africa a much more warmer place than it should be. The warmer conditions will cause more evaporation and precipitation which will cause regions to become more dry or more wetter. All because of the increase of the output of harmful gases humans had done through expansion. In its Fourth Assessment Report, the Intergovernmental Panel on climate change made up of 1,300 independent scientific experts from different countries under the auspices of the United Nations concluded that, “more than 90% probability that human activities over the past 50 years have warmed our planet.” But when we expand to fit a bigger population. More activities will be needed to sustain this population and will only increase global warming.

With global warming increasing the earth. It also helps with the plant life. With the increase abundance of CO2, plants can feed off of this gas and grow more faster than before. And it raises the temperature in places to make a longer summer like climate and shorter winter like climates. But that is quickly shot down by use clearing all the plant life for resources and more land to expand upon. And just because the temperature rises to make a longer summer doesn't mean it benefits a place where the heat is already bad enough. So global warming has no real beneficial and only gets worse as we welcome more people who can increase this disaster.

As the President of our country, I think you should counter the growth of the human population comes the increase of global warming with using more energy efficient cars people of the growing population can use to emit less CO2 in the atmosphere and be more smart on how different situations contribute to the increase of global warming. I hope that the information has be laid down so you can get a better understanding on what global warming is, what are its effects, and what the growth of the human population affects global warming so you can do your best in how to handle global warming in relation to the growth of the human population.



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