Madeline Georgia

Why Global Warming is a Big Deal

Global warming needs to be addressed due to the affect it will have on the economy and the environment.

Dear Future President,

Though it may seem like science fiction, global warming is one of the most important issues faced by life today as it has the potential to negatively affect every country and economy on earth. I firmly believe that this very important subject has been ignored for to long.

One instance of how will affect the economy and environment is how glaciers such as the Columbia glacier in Alaska,”… has thinned as much as 1,300 feet in some places.” according to Glacial Retreat in Alaska. This may seem trivial but as companies begin using the new space for oil excavation. Many companies use a method of sonar blasting to find possible oil rigs. Sonar blasting will be responsible for killing many important seals whales and fish devastating not only the arctic ecosystem but the fishing industry that relies on these spices to keep fishermen and women employed and, in some cases, fed.

This economic downfall pales in comparison to how melting fresh water glaciers will affect the entire ocean’s delicate chemistry. Underwater currents are formed in part to the differing salt content and density of the water around them, but when too much fresh water is introduced in to the system the currents often cease to exist. Aside from damaging the fishing industry farther by destroying crucial migration routes for many water-dwelling species this has the potential to shut down thermohailne circulation. The thermohailne circulation is the network of currents that provides nutrients to every under water ecosystem, stirs up whether and helps keep the climate in check, and helps create waves. This will have unimaginably devastating world shattering affects, wars will breakout, whether may completely stop, food webs will collapse it may very well be the apocalypse.

Please Mr. /Miss President understand the the future of the United States is at stake and cannot thrive with the balance of nature is collapsing around us. New systems need to be in place so the world can final see that climate change is neither “a hoax” nor a con and must be dealt with and cannot be swept under the rug any farther. Thank you for your time and cooperation.

Sincerely, Madeline