Ezra S. Kentucky

Global Warming

The greenhouse gas effect is affecting living things all over the world.

Dear President of the USA,

In this letter, I will talk about what measures I think you should take on decreasing climate change. The greenhouse gas effect is affecting us all the time. It is melting icebergs, destroying animal habitats, and is being caused by humans. There are three steps I think you should take. One, increase use of renewable resources like wind, water, and sunlight. Two, increase production of electric cars. Three, decrease use of fossil fuels like coal and petroleum. I hope this will benefit the world as a whole.

Hydroelectric power, wind turbines, and solar panels are good because they replenish easily. They don’t harm the air because they don’t release harmful gases. Using these resources would cause us to use fossil fuels less. This would lower the amount of gas that gets into the atmosphere, ultimately causing the slow of global warming.

The production of electric cars would cause more people to buy them. Electric cars don’t use gasoline like other cars. Gasoline releases harmful gases into the air like carbon dioxide. This gas gets stuck in the atmosphere, heating up the Earth. Electric cars would cause less gas to be released into the atmosphere.

Fossil fuels release harmful gases into the air. These gases get stuck in the ozone layer, and heat up the Earth. Using a lower number of fossil fuels would cause less of these gases to be released into the air.

I hope that following these steps to decrease global warming will save many species. For example, for polar bears up north it is getting harder to find dens because the ice is melting. If global warming continues, Florida might even sink. So many species are in danger because of global warming. I say us humans should help save them.