Ben Michigan

Maximize School Protection

Protection is important. Why not strengthen it?

Maximize School Protection

Dear Mr. Trump, 

I would like to say that I am flattered that you have taken some of your inestimable time to read my letter, and I thank you for doing so – and everyone else’s letters – it means a lot to them as well. I know you have many more of these letters to examine, so I won’t use much of what limited time you have.

I hereby wish to address you about the topic of firearms; however, these firearms involve education, mainly the place where it primarily occurs – school. If you shall recall, our marvelous and exquisite country has been cursed with actions, terrible actions, that hurt more people, especially parents, than anyone else, even the people physically affected- school shootings. They’re preposterous, and absolutely saddening and depressing to say the least. Many factors and variables are thrown into the mixture of uncertainty and pandemonium, but a certainly substantial reason would be lack of defense. If the schools had a method of immediate and authoritative defense, they would have a chance at defending the students and staff from the treacherous actions of a school shooter.

As everyone knows, school sizes vary; some are microscopic compared to the colossal schools, but all have the same amount of vulnerability. A school has vast amounts of space, and some most likely isn’t being used or is currently occupied, allowing for more storage. A safe with a complex lock, only known to the staff, and a lock that would be changed periodically, would be kept in a location discreet to the students, but easy and close to the staff, allowing for easy access.  An appropriate number of safes and firearms, along with ammunition, would be stored in locations throughout the school building. For example: one in each hallway or floor where classrooms and laboratories are located, one in the kitchen and/or cafeteria, one in the gymnasium(s) storage room, and one in the office section where school administrators’ offices are located. With this in place, if the catastrophic event of a school shooting ever occurred, the staff would be able protect their students and others around them, ensuring the maximum amount of safety until law enforcement arrives.

I, therefore, am strongly tied to this belief of maximum school protection, and I pray to Christ that you take crucial consideration regarding my ideas, and you believe it was worth the time doing so. I thank you again from the bottom of my heart, and hope this sparks a concern in your very active mind and heart. The students in America all have a prosperous future...solidify it in stone.