Zachery K. Michigan

Dear Future President,

Immigration is a big deal in America and the president has the biggest impact on how it’s handled. Some of the things i would like to address are how will your solution impact the children that were brought to America without their consent, how might your plan decrease/increase the number of immigrants, and do you think your plan would cause a security risk to the U.S.

I believe that how to deal with the immigrants children who came here while younger than 14 is major topic. I think that we should let them stay until the age of 14 then they will be deported back or can apply for citizenship. When they are born in the U.S. the same rule should apply for illegal immigrants. The children can be put into foster homes and if they are adopted they can apply for citizenship earlier than 14. In all they immigrants children should get fairness because they didn't chose, but they should be trialed when at age.

The number of immigrants is also a touchy topic, but needs to be discussed. When immigrants come to our country illegally they usually don't have a job,house, or any necessities. Therefore we (the tax paying Americans that is) have to pay for them. When such a large number are coming here that can make quite the bill. I believe we should increase border security to decrease the number of illegals coming in, make the screening process harder so that bad people don't get in, and decrease the number allowed.

Not only can immigrants cause problems they can also pose as national security threats. With all the problems with Isis right now immigrants from places like Syria and Iraq can be a scary thought. They could easily sneak in bombs and hijack planes and airport security systems. Also they too do not have jobs,homes,or anything so more money from us. Any kind of person could come in with the refugees, and they feel no remorse.

This is just one of the many things that we need to know that you can solve it. I believe if you can do these things it will help us on the national, state, and even city level. Thank you for taking the time to read and consider my suggestions.


Zachery T. Kelly

Ithaca Junior High School

8th Grade Social Studies - 5th Hour

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