Gabrielle California

Health Care Affordability

Health care affordability is to be able to afford health insurance for people who don't have enough money to afford it from low household incomes.

 Dear Future President,

I believe that, medical insurance is very important and should be prepared for something that might occur in the future. The letter I’ve been working on (Healthcare affordability) explained that by 2017 they presume to the U.S. Obama care rates will rise 13%. I also believe that it’s important for everyone to have medical insurance for people who doesn’t or cannot afford it from low household incomes. IN the article i’ve been studying or reading. They explained that when will U.S. citizens would be treated right by their future president.

They also added “Promote the general welfare”, it left me to believe that they want to be treated right by their president, “Future President”. They also mentioned in the text “Our Forefathers Wanted Us To Take Care Of Each Other”. The reason why i picked this article is because This bothers me because they can’t get any treatment when they get harmed or hurt by something even in the future in a life or death accident.The article is called Health Care Affordability. 

People that are suffering/In severe Pain, matter even if they cannot afford Medical Insurance.

By 2017 Obama Care rates will rise 13%.

I believe that people from low households should afford it or should have it, it's been bothering me by all the people that must be suffering from a severe injury and cannot afford medical treatment/medical insurance.


                                                                                                                        Gabrielle Andres

Health Science Middle School

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