Peyton C. California


There are pros and cons to allowing women to have abortions.

Dear Future President,

I would like to address the issue of abortions I know this issue is very controversial but there should be an official ruling for or against abortions There are both pros and cons to abortions.

According to Operation Rescue half off all pregnancies are unintended, and of those pregnancies 40% are aborted. In 2012, 699,202 abortions were reported although this number could be too low because it isn’t mandatory to report it. This number is high but sometimes the women who are getting the abortions feel that they need to. One in every six women have either been a victim of rape or attempted rape. Of the women who are raped 7,750-12,500 get pregnant. These women might resent the child because the child may be a physical embodiment of the trauma from the rape.

Although some women get multiple abortions, almost like they are using it as a birth control. According to, 48.1% of women who had more than one abortion and overall 73% of women who have abortions have four or more. If you were to make a law there should definitely certain restrictions, like a max amount of abortions, how late into the pregnancy, etc.

There are also a other ways to reduce the amount of abortions. One is making birth control more affordable to people so they don’t have to actually get an abortion or go to an abortion clinic to get birth control. We could also inform people about the different types of birth control and how abortion is not a good option to try and use as birth control because it can be damaging to a woman's uterus according to Abortion Also according to our selves our bodies there is a higher chance of a woman dying because of an unsafe abortion than a safe abortion. So even if there are laws against abortion, it will still happen but unsafely and more women will die.

One last thing is that women should have the choice. It is their bodies and for many women an abortion will weigh heavily on their mind. Why should men be allowed to make a decision about what women cannot do with their bodies?

In conclusion, abortion is a highly controversial topic with merit for both sides. Although I believe making a law allowing abortion would be recommended though there should be some regulations. 

Newbury Park High School

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