Clara B.

A letter to the president

Gun control

Dear Future President,

You will be the president and have the power to change and create new laws, and I assume you want your country to be safe and peaceful. That is why you should think about making gun control stricter.

A lot of people do not feel safe because anyone can possess a gun if they follow a few steps. Criminals and dangerous people can obtain a gun very easily and they could hurt anyone. This needs to be changed so it is harder to possess a gun.

I think that you do not need a gun if you are not a hunter, policeman or someone who has a good reason to have a gun. If you cannot give a good reason as to why you should possess a gun, you should not have one.

Gun violence is a major problem in America. So many innocent people, including children and older people, have been killed when they were just walking or playing in their garden. Most of the time, they were hurt by depressed people or people with mental problems. The deaths due to gun homicides is about 31 per 1,000,000 people, which means that every day of the year, 27 people are shot. This is a scary statistic.

Most of the guns that were bought were used to kill other people and not for self-defense. If no bad person had a gun, you would not even need a gun for self-defense.

You must not forget that every person who is killed had a family and friends who loved them and it is very sad. No one should have the power to take away someone’s life so easily.

If there was better gun control in the country, there would be a lot less citizens killed by bad people, and it could change the lives of many families who lost a family member.