Jovan Mouton New York

America is at a crossroads!

Gun control is a very crucial issue that needs to be settled.

Dear Mister/Madam president,

Hello, my name is Jovan Mouton and I want to tell you why gun control is an emerging issue that needs to be removed from large cities and states like California and New York City. Gun control has never proved itself to be practical and useful. States such as California and New York should consider the affects of ordinary citizens not being able to defend themselves by possessing a firearm.

Lets first start by being perfectly candid with each other: gun control has never proved itself to be any safer than states that allow citizens to bear arms. States that allow citizens to own weaponry like Wyoming or Montana have staggeringly lower crime rates than states like New York or California. For instance, California has a total firearms murder rate of 1,220 deaths in 2011. Comparing to states like Wyoming that openly allows citizens to own firearms without even the inclusion of a permit is only 11 deaths. This fact is exemplary to the effectiveness of gun control. If gun control was as nearly as effective as some politicians claim then the death rate shouldn't be as nearly as staggering as it is. The privilege to possess a firearm deters the possibility of any person being brazen to proceed in any criminal action.

After establishing the ineffectiveness of gun control, there are several solutions to allow people in highly established gun control states to own firearms. One solution would be to recreate the gun license test by making it much more extensive including hands-on tests along with mandatory training and safe gun storage. Gun owners should get their gun license and training renewed annually. Another solution would be to ban assault weapons and high caliber and capacity magazines unless for recreational use. This keeps gun owners at a minimum to the type of weapons they can purchase which would greatly reduce any mass shootings. We can still allow people to own firearms and instate the incentive that large assault weapons have no place in society other than the battlefield. There is many more solutions such as increasing mental health services so that people with mental illnesses will be recognized to not be ineligible to own a firearm. These solutions can do tremendously well in states that have stringent gun control laws because it allows citizens to protect themselves and allows the city to spend less on law enforcement and spend more on other aspects like education where money is well needed.

People who oppose these ideas probably believe that gun control makes it more difficult for a criminal to have access to a firearm but this is easily disproven given the amount of deaths occurred in the past year. It is obviously true that there is no possible way for law enforcement to protect everyone at anytime. Criminals won't bother with going through the hurdles of getting a background check and passing several exams just to obtain a firearm. Criminals don't bother obeying laws which is by definition the characteristics of a criminal. Those who enforce the law will unconditionally agree.

The idea of gun control seems completely logical but does not suffice in American culture. The civilian arsenal was counted at about 300 million guns in aggregate and counting. There is just no possible way for any state in the U.S. to enforce gun control laws and maintain a low crime rate. Gun control needs to be either omitted or improved drastically in order to be effective in controlling gun crime rates. This is an emerging issue the needs to be highly prioritized by the federal government. Please do something about this issue.


Jovan Mouton

East-West School of International Studies

Government - 2nd Period

East-West School of International Studies 12th Grade Government Class

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