Alejandra Minnesota

Equal Rights for Women in the Workplace

All women deserve equal rights as men in the workplace.

Dear next president,

All people in the United States are entitled to equal rights, even in the workplace. Women aren’t receiving equal opportunities for jobs, or equal pay. Laws need to be set to assure equal pay and workshops need to be done in all workplaces so that any person (man or woman) can perform any job needed and be accepted into any position. Women are entitled to all of the same opportunities as men.

As the American Civil Liberties Union says, “...All women… have equal access to employment free from gender discrimination…” meaning that in a workplace a woman that is capable of performing a certain task should not be told that she cannot do so simply because she’s a woman.

I feel like when a woman applies for a certain job, she knows what it takes to fulfil that job. Any person knows to not apply for a job if they know that they cannot do what the job description is asking. All women should be given the opportunity to prove this. Samantha Gluck from Studio D says “...women took positions formerly open to only men; 7 million women entered the workforce, 2 million of those in heavy industry.” That proves that women can do the same jobs that a man can do and perform these tasks to the same if not better standards.

Therefor to you, the next president,

For those women not receiving equal pay or not being treated equally at their jobs, take action and make the new laws that say that equal pay is required no matter the gender. Also create nation wide workshops to improve the way women are treated at work so that they can all go to work and live happy lives.



Grade 10

Saint Paul, Minnesota

Henry Sibley High School


American Literature

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