Citlaly R. Minnesota


Help improve homelessness

Dear Next President,

Have you ever been homeless and without a family? Competing with others for scraps of food to eat and a place to sleep? Living on the streets is a really rough thing. Homelessness is an extremely bad social problem that affects life and communities. We have to improve this problem in a better way, help out more and try to decrease our homeless percentage in the U.S.

Throughout the world it is impossible to count the exact amount of homeless, but it is known to be millions. Homelessness is a big problem that can affect anyone around including our societies and government. People don’t seem to realize how big of a problem this is and how its increasing rapidly. The percentage of homelessness we have in America is getting bigger and bigger. In the article “Alana semuels, best way to end homelessness” its states, “America has the largest number of homeless women and children in the industrialized world” This growth of homelessness in America should not continue to grow. Some people may think they shouldn’t have to be forced to help out the homeless or make a change to better this situation, but in reality they should want to help. It’s not only helping out people but it’s making our community better. You, future president, should have the power to fix this situation.

Also “f.q.a.p. Nelson Mandela, president of south Africa“ Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity. It is the protection of a fundamental human right, the right to dignity and decent life “Every human life should have the right to a life where they don’t have to worry about having a to sleep. It is not considered charity if that’s what a human life deserves because everyone is equal in all ways. Our society has so much food waste , that I don’t understand what would be the big problem to help out the ones in need by giving and reaching out to them, even if it’s in the smallest ways, it’ll benefit the homeless by a ton. Many people go against the cause of having our government build homeless shelters to help out because they think the money can go for better causes. Im sure it can, but homelessness is becoming a big problem in our society and we need to improve it in any way possible before it starts affecting us all even more and before our government is a messed up thing and world. We’ve all been caught up in different problems around our world and around the place we live , but we are forgetting a very important thing, human lives and rights.

Lastly, but not least, I am writing this letter to you, future president, to inform you of this big problem I think is affecting our society and government. I want you future president to help us fix this issue in the future and make us a better U.S., by building shelters and improving our food waste. So dear future president please help us improve this issue and decrease our homelessness percentage in America.



Grade 10

Saint paul , MN. 

Henry Sibley High School


American Literature

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