Lauren Minnesota

Abortion, Terrorism, American debt

These topics are the the most important to me and I think they need attention.

Dear Future President,

When you are elected as President of The United States you become responsible for the decisions made in this country. My main 2 issues that I think you should focus on are partial birth, terrorism, and American debt.

Partial birth is a terrible thing. I think that it should most definitely be ban. There 500-1,000 partial birth abortions each year. That may not be as much as regular abortions, but it's still a big number. I mean I am against all kinds of abortions; but especially when they are in the middle of the pregnancy. I mean the baby is alive and breathing. They have a heart beat at that point. It isn't just a little egg; it's a human being.

Now for terrorism. Since September 11, 2001 terrorism has been on the rise. ISIS killed 33,000 people between 2002 and 2015 that isn't even counting 9/11 and the year of 2016. There needs to be a stop to this. Now deporting all muslims isn't the best idea but we need to take precaution. Find out when these attacks are going to happen before they happen. So we can take advantage of the situation and prevent it. You can not stand by and watch people die. There are bugs going off in so many different countries now, so many different kinds of attacks. Now we are just wondering who is next and we shouldn't have to wonder. This should be a controlled situation; like I said before we should know where they are going to hit before they do it.

My last request is to get our priorities straight. You need to know what is important to spend our money on and what isn't. American debt is growing by the second, by the end of 2017 they are estimating to be 23.277 trillion dollars IN DEBT. That is tons and tons of money. When is that number going to stop going up? I am sure there are many ways we can put this to a stop. You have to put important things first and stop wasting money on things that aren't as important.

Well Good Luck on being president and all. I hope you do the best you can in all you do. There are many things that need your attention in the United States, so let's start problem solving.

Barnum High School

10th graders

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