Kayla J. Minnesota

Problems with Deportation

This letter is about my problems with deportation.

Dear Next President,

Why do people who work hard and try to do better for their families and themselves get deported? It's unfair that people the same as us do not get the same opportunities. We need to fix the legal system for illegal immigrants, so they have a chance to become legal and not be constantly worried about being deported and leaving their families behind. Deportation is bad because it tears families apart and hurts children in families.

People need to understand that deportation leaves long term effects on families and children. The article “Deportation of a Parent Can Have Significant and Long-Lasting Harmful Effects on Child Well-Being, As a Pair of Reports from MPI and the Urban Institute Detail,” by the Migration Policy Institute points out the “Effects that a parental deportation can have on children, finding significant and long lasting harm can occur at emotional, economic, developmental, and academic levels,” in 2015. The article shows that children's parents leaving, Impacted their lives in many different ways. Many of the children's lives are impacted very negatively throughout their lifetime due to deportation.

People that are not criminals, should not be deported. The report FY 2015 ICE Immigration Removal, by Immigration Enforcement shows that “235,423 people were deported in 2015, 41% of people deported were non-Criminal Immigration violators.” This shows that not all immigrants should be deported. I think people and families should have a real chance at citizenship. If immigrants come and cause problems like going to jail or being criminals, then they should not get the opportunity to become a citizen.

Mr. Next President I truly believe that immigrants should have a chance at becoming a citizen and should not be deported unless they have committed a crime. They need to fix the legal system and give immigrants a real shot at becoming American citizens, because all they want is a better life for them and their families.



10th grade

Saint Paul, MN