ricardo Minnesota

letter to the next president

my letter is about racism. i hope the next president/future president will stop this.



American lit hour 7


Dear Next President,

It is important that we all work together to put a stop to racism. There is racism

everywhere, online in schools, and in daily life. Racism should be prohibited worldwide because

of its causes and its effects. We all need to work together, and we will soon all make a big

change to our world. We need to put an end to racism by treating everyone equally and

fairly. We all need to work together “as a one” and put a stop to racism once and for all.

In 1873 the emancipation proclamation was passed. That means that all persons held as

“Slaves” become free in rebellion states. Harriet tubman is known as being famous for her hard

and brave work. She helped so many slaves escape and go through something called the

“underground Railroad”. It is in fact considered “dangerous” to be a runaway slave.

Slaves have a lot of history to do with “racism”. Slaves were treated with

strong racial threats, and comments and treated very poorly. This clearly states that racism and

slavery should have never of existed nowhere in the world.

Police have had a major problem with racism against black people. Police have a lot to do

with racism. Police have killed innocent black people because of racism. Just because black

people have a different colored skin does not mean you have the right to treat them poorly.

Color should not matter what bathroom you go into or what drinking fountain you drink out of.

Racism does not only deal with black people. Racism can deal with all kinds of different

Subjects such as skin color, culture, religion and etc. racism can be something bully’s like to

use. Bullying is more likely to use racism to bully people around. There has to be a big stop on

racism before it expands and gets too out of control. We can do that by making organizations,

clubs, or groups that can help racism become extinct. Groups and organizations can help by

making posters and hanging them everywhere, and this will decrease the chance of racism.

To whoever the Next President is please make sure racism will be put in its

Place. You as the next president should prevent racism from happening. Racism

Can affect every teenagers learning environment by distracting them with rude, and hurtful

comments/jokes. Dear next president, i hope you assure this will happen and prohibit racism



10 Grade

West Saint Paul, Mn