Rohan K. California

Immigration: Seeking a New Life

The immigration system has been a big hassle over the past few decades. The amount of undocumented immigrants in America has tripled since the 1990's. We need a fast solution that can be put into place now, not a solution that will take months to establish.

Dear Mr. or Madam President,

Immigration is a notable complication that takes place in the U.S. I honestly believe that the two options you have provided, to stop illegal immigrants from entering the country, are both viable; the only concern I have is that the process to establish these two choices is very prolonged and costly. If there was a faster method that could be put in place now, then a large portion of immigrants would be forced to enter the country the proper way.

Since building a wall and changing policies will take a long time to put into effect, a simpler solution must be put into place for the time being. Since 1990, the amount of illegal immigrants in the country has tripled (3.5 million to 11.1 million). The highest amount of undocumented immigrants in the country was 12 million, which was in 2007; as shown on Immigrants are always constantly pressurized, due to the fact that they may be considered incompetent to enter the U.S. The time it takes to apply to enter the U.S. also takes a long time, which can last up to ten years depending on the situation. The amount of time it takes should be shorter, due to the fact that not everyone is a vile individual.

Undocumented immigrants also ruin the economy; this is due to the fact that the average blue-collar worker’s wage is brought down. They also do not pay the amount of tax money required per household. The average American household pays $14,000 in taxes, while the average undocumented immigrant “household” only pays $10,344. The children of undocumented immigrants also utilize the public schools in the area, which is paid for by the government and is a burden on government spending.

So, Mr. or madam president, what will you do to stop these undocumented immigrants from ruining our economy? What can be done as of right now to save the U.S. from future crises due to undocumented immigrants? Mr. or madam president, we are in need of someone who can save our economy and bring justice to society as necessary. We are in need of a swift solution on illegal immigration.


Rohan K.

Santa Clara High School

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