William L. Missouri


My opinion on immigration is that I think everyone should all have an equal opportunity to better their lives and their kids lives. The american name is all about starting over and becoming successful in whatever your occupation is. With that comes responsibilities and you have some people that don't want to become official. They are called Immigrants and can be resourceful and a boost for our economy.

October 27, 2016

Dear Future President

Although there are negative effects with immigration, it can also be healthy for our country because it allows us to fulfill our jobs, allow immigrants with 2-3 year degrees work, and shouldn’t give native born workers forced with the dilemma of working less than minimum wage or not working at all. Those are some of the positive outlooks but there will always be negative looks.

To start for one its very healthy for us to fill job slots that no one wants to work. There are at least 50-70 percent of jobs available In the United States currently. If we were able to allow immigrants to work, at least a good percentage of that is gone. The jobs that we are just sitting around aren’t even being looked at by the lower class because we don't want them to succeed. With us not wanting to succeed, we don’t want our country to become greater than it already is.

Which brings me up to my next point article that I read and it quoted that,” 60% of Asian Americas over 25 have two year diplomas, of 42% of non-Latinos whites, and 31% of African Americans.” This applies to my claim because it shows that all aren’t dumb-founded. There’s actually intelligence along another line of immigrants than we think. It would be helpful in our workforce. While them being in our workforce, we can actually test their intelligence through forms of test and exams. We could also just assume that they’re the “lower, unintelligent class.”

My next piece if evidence is that Native born workers shouldn’t have to settle for the dilemma of not working or settling for less pay. That really shouldn’t even be a rule or a thing. I don’t recall the amendment but all men and women have the right to do whatever they want under the laws. No one should have to decide what they get paid or told what should happen to them or there family. I think if we were to allow them in our workforce, it would open up more jobs because those are being used.

As I stated earlier my claim earlier that it has negative effect, but is very efficient to our economy. There’s always going to be two sides of the coin some are nay and yay but will always be a debate.


Willie L.