Nico I.

ISIS and Debt

Dear Future President, I hope that your presidency has been going well so far. I’m writing you this letter to discuss some issues that I feel should be addressed during your time as president. The president has a lot of responsibilities, but I think you should be concerned with ISIS advancing in power and the national debt. ISIS is becoming a larger threat globally, and they need to be stopped. If we as a country don’t lead the way in fighting ISIS, I don’t think any country will. Soon groups aligned with ISIS will start to band together and form outside of the Middle East. There has been talk by our president about the need to stop ISIS, but very little has actually been done. The attacks outside the Middle East influenced by ISIS have been increasing in the past months. This threat needs to be neutralized because if no one stands up their power will keep growing until they are a power as great as a country. The national debt is another issue that needs to be addressed. The debt is estimated to be 19.3 trillion dollars by the end of 2016. If government spending isn’t cut, the debt will continue to grow greatly and the generations to come will struggle paying it off. The budget needs to be set at a lower amount so they have to choose what they spend money on instead of spending it on whatever they want. If a plan is put in to try to help reduce the debt, I think that will help. When the current president took office eight years ago, the debt was 10.6 trillion dollars. Since then it has nearly doubled, almost going up one trillion dollars per year. Should that even be possible? Both of these situations need to be addressed quickly before they get even more out of hand. A solution or even a compromise needs to be found to provide an end to the issues.

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