Dear future President

I wrote about the issues the next President should focus on. Which are racial tension and terrorism. These are one of the biggest issues that are happening in the world.

Dear future President,

One of the issue’s you should focus on first would be racial tension in the United States. Racial tension is one of the biggest issues in the U.S. There has been many instances of violence between races. There has also been multiple problems between different races and police officers and the tearing apart of communities. If we come together and work together the U.S will be a better place, where people of many races will be accepted anywhere they go or live.

Another issue you should focus on is terrorism. The most known terrorist group is the group called, ISIS. They have torn us apart with so many acts of violence to not only the U.S., but to other countries including France, Africa, and more. They have shot up night clubs, the Twin Towers in the U.S and the Pentagon in 2001, they have also bombed Paris during a football(soccer) match in 2015. It is time to stand up to this group and let them know we will not back down. We should not have to live in a world of fear.

As our next leader it is up to you to listen to our people and take into consideration our safety, and our needs. Other countries in the world look to us as a leader. They look to us for help with money and safety. Please stand up for what is right to make this world a better place.