Amber Z. California

Why do cancer treatment cost so much?

Cancer treatment is very costly and I want to try and make the cost go down or maybe even cost less money . It just really sucks that people have to deal with fighting cancer and stress of it.

Dear Mr.President,

An issue I would like to be addressed is about cancer . And why it cost so much money to get the treatment that they need to survive and to get better. A question that I have is why isn’t cancer treatment free of cost? A lot of people say that they did it to themselves, why should we help them at all. No one would help me if I were in this situation. Also why should people who have cancer and fighting for their lives . Have to be stuck worrying about if they are going to have any money to pay for their own house payment. But ,I also wonder if It is free then would there still be any research about the cancers and how to treat them. Also some people think that if we lower the price of the treatment doctors will be paid less.

I just think that it should be free for the cancer treatments that they need. But I think that they just need to focus on getting better and about being with their family. Not about the money side of it . If you think about it , A lot of cancer patients have to go to the doctor many times a month. With any form of cough , cold,fever or any things that are just tiny little things to us. Like colds or coughs could mean they get a lot sicker. After a while the prices of the doctors visits , medicine, etc. add up. Then it becomes a boatload of money to pay off. Sometimes that means the family doesn't have enough money to pay for necessities.

In my opinion it's sad that if a kid has cancer their parents have to deal with the fact that there kid having cancer. Paying for the treatment and the cost is so much money and it sometimes puts the parents in debt. I think that we should try and at least lower the prices of the treatment. A lot of people perish and the prices of certain treatment and things they need to survive . They do not have enough money to pay off some of the bills their family now has pay off all that in most cases. The cancer rate has gone up so much since 1983 now it is 1 in 3 people but it used to be 1 in 15 people get cancer . The cancer rate has gone up since 1983. Most of the causes of cancer are caused by ourselves. For example smoking tobacco,chewing tobacco,second hand smoke, the environment they live in, e.t.c.. But it is also said to be sometimes in their genes and they can not control it.

I hope that we can make this possible or at least taken into consideration. I really think and believe that people should not be at risk of not having somewhere to live or be in debt. The cancer patients should be able to be with their loved ones and comfort them. Also they need just to be together and not worry about the money side of everything. I think we need to make it be free for the treatment.


Amber Zumpano



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