gaby martinez

Dear future president

I believe that a good president should be honest.

Dear future president,

As the next leader of our country , you must understand the fact that you won't be able to please everyone. What you can do is your best, be your best to improve the country in a better way. A good president should be honest, as the person in charge of the country we expect someone who is able to step forth with the truth when needed . you also should enjoy what you do ,miscommunication can lead to chaos and being able to talk to the people and enjoy doing so would make your position meaningful to you and the people . Also being aware that as a country were supposed to stick together , we need a leader that sees himself Beyond just our president but also believes that the people are just as important. Someone that will step up to protect the people . The first step to raising the bar is believing you can . Your confidence plays a big role in trusting that you can get through the hard times. There will be times things aren't going according to plan but you must assure yourself that setbacks are normal.

All we really need is someone who will help rebuild our peoples hope that we can be stable and prosperous. That we're making the right decision by choosing you to be our next president , that you'll help guide the country to a brighter future .