Reina S.

Dear Future President

The future president needs to have specific qualities in order for our country to function correctly.


Dear future president,

The country of the United States of America needs another bold, passionate president who will lead us to greatness and to the equality of all people. Our country depends on your actions, thoughts, and words. Many things need to be done in order to reach the goals we want to meet, but for starters we need the perfect president. The perfect president should have qualities such as being a reliable person, a great negotiator, having a competitive spirit, and having life experience outside of politics. Being reliable inspires people to follow you because of your honesty towards the actions and words you make/say. Who wants a president who lied their way to such a major position of authority (a president), a position that will not only help shape our country but will determine where we stand politically and financially? If this is the case, half of our country who voted for that president will be angry and hurt over the lies that were told to them. In result of being angry, riots could occur and our country could fall apart.

If you, our next president, are a good negotiator and have a competitive spirit towards politics, our country will be more safe and will be more powerful. For instance, many countries are so desperate to gain more income and power than us, that they will encourage terrorism. Why do you think we have been attacked multiple times over the last decade by people from other countries that are trying to scare us? You need to be able to not let other countries walk all over us. Be able to show the world that you wonโ€™t stand for losing our confidence and power by encouraging other countries and citizens of America to help out with the cause. By being able to convince people to stand by you, as a leader and a person, we will continue to grow as a country and as a family. 

Ripon High School

English I Honors

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