Ryan P.

The Issues of Hate Crimes

Now's the time to stop the hate.

Dear President,

Mr. President these hate crimes have gotten way out of control. People have been harming muslim people because of their religion, and or the way they dress. I certainly believe that you should deploy our armed forces, or at least have people monitoring the few security cameras we have, I am saying that we also need more security cameras. What is the point of having security cameras if no one will monitor them 24/7. If you actually have done that, maybe some hate crimes that happened not so long ago wouldn’t have happened and showed up on the news. The United States need much more protection than it already has.

I know that if you actually choose to do what I think would help, it would cost a lot of money. But if you think about the pros and cons, the pros would be so much more than the cons. Here are a list of just some of the pros less crimes, less roadrage, and less litter. This shows that people will know they are being watched and get scared into doing the right thing, Here is just one con, and it is terrible more crimes, People will know that there aren’t many cameras so people will do as they want because they know that they don’t have a chance of getting caught.

Most people who commit crimes make sure that no one around is watching. So they don’t have to get arrested or something like that. If they know that there are cameras or cops around they would instantly stop in their tracks, or not even think about doing it. There is no person who wants to get caught on purpose. If we had more cameras or at least some forces to keep on the lookout hate crimes are extremely serious they might make a person think about whatever someone said. It might be true and give them anxiety and make them do stuff they wouldn’t normally do.

My reasoning for this is that if someone knows that they might get in trouble they won’t do it, this is pretty obvious. But with cameras you can see and monitor what everyone is doing, and if they are doing something wrong, you can just deploy forces close by if you have them keep watch. Something someone may do might give a certain person anxiety and feel bad about themselves. It would make them feel very insecure and may make them do something they will regret, like make a crime, or kill themselves. This is a serious matter we need to keep watch for this.

We need to stop the amount of hate crimes that are happening, as soon as we can. It may cost money but in the end won’t it be worth it? Just think about it, less crimes overall doesn’t that sound amazing? But if everyone pitches in we can stop the amount of hate crimes happening in no time. People will feel more secured their will be less racism in public areas like parks if people know that they are being watched they won’t even think about trying because they will know that they would get caught. Don’t you want less crimes to be happening it would be a great influence for children if no one commits crimes if they are being monitored.


Ryan Pham

Lewis Middle School

Ferro, English 8 Cluster

Period 6 and 7

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