Alexa B. California

Insurance for Veterans

Dear Next President, veterans in our country, have been unsupported after they have fought for our country. Many face problems every day, such as medical issues (ex. PTSD), and homelessness. I am suggesting that you provide a free life insurance for the brave souls that protected us.

 Dear Future President,

I am writing to you to address the issue of not supporting and taking care of military and war veterans. Often, military veterans and other workforces have not been treated fairly after serving our country. People have been addressing this, including Mr.Obama, who said,”The unacceptable problems that we've seen – like long wait times, and some veterans not getting the timely care that they need – is a challenge for all of us if we are to match our words with deeds,". Obama is right, in the way that military personnel deserve better. There are charities, but I am writing to you to suggest that the government offers a free insurance for war veterans.

About 14.8% if the U.S. are war/ military veterans. These hardworking, important people deserve to not worry about getting insurance for them and their families. Many of these people have been supported by military charities, such as the “Military Support Groups Of America”( is a big part of military veterans needing free insurance. As of 2014, 8.6% of the homeless population was military veterans. Military veterans have fought for our country, and most have been very lucky to come back alive. Yet, when they do return, some do not have homes and are forced into homelessness. That is one of the reasons I am proposing a new free insurance to provide free homes and safety to the people that protected us.

Another reason for free insurance is for mental and physical disabilities from war. As stated by Life Science, “From mental health issues to pain and illness that persist long after they've left the battlefield, veterans face a multitude of health troubles either unique to their service or more frequent among them than the general population.” Veterans may have a hard enough time trying to get over the traumatic events from being in the military(can cause PTSD). When they come home to their lives and families in the United States, why must they worry about insurance and getting the help they need?

In conclusion, I believe that you, as the next president, should address the fact that veterans are homeless, have medical issues and need help by creating a free life insurance for those who serve us. As said by John F. Kennedy, “My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”.


Alexa Bennett

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