Jazmine R. California

More money being provided to communities

We need our communities restored and provided with more money because their falling apart.

I believe that the government should help communities and provide more money for them. I believe this because their are many broken down buildings that need to be restored but there's not enough money provided to the community to restore them. And people are losing their jobs and unable to find new ones. This is an issue in many areas. Many people believe this because their towns are just falling to pieces.

Some causes of this are people losing their jobs and homes. And broken down historical

buildings falling apart. Towns are losing their value and things are becoming more expensive. For example there's a town that could use money known as Marysville, Ca. And in Marysville their are a few historical buildings. The community doesn’t have enough money to restore them, so now the buildings are falling apart. The effects of this are the town's citizens losing everything and can't afford to fix everything.

Although, if the communities get more money, how would you know that the communities president would be spending the money correctly? They may not use the money towards things they actually need the money to go to. I believe that the government can provide more funds for communities that are in need of money. And the prices on things such as gas and groceries should be lower because some people struggle to afford basic things such as that.

In conclusion I believe we need more money so we can all grow stronger together and rebuild towns. It would provide more homes for those who need it and help people rebuild their lives back up. And more money would increase the job rates. All in all, I believe the government should help communities in need so they can help the others in need.


 Jazmine Reynoso