Zaahir A.

Letters to the Future President

The qualities that the future President should have.

Dear Future President,

There are many qualities of a leaders that should be met that just aren't being met. The next leader of the United States of America should be someone who is compassionate. They should care about the well being of the U.S. A good leader must also be quick to make smart decisions. They can not be rash. A good leader is someone who cares for his people. The next president should focus more on the betterment of this country. They need to be willing to address the problems that are destroying the U.S , such as police brutality or the black lives matter movement.

A good president must be accepting. He has to be willing to listen to the people and acknowledge their opinions. The next leader of the United States of America cannot be cocky. He can't think he is always right and that what he says always has to go. A future President can not be in it for the fame. He has to care for this country. Also he has to have the well-being of the U.S. in mind when making major decision. The future President must be kind, compassionate, and he must acknowledge what the people of the US want and he must do his best to make it happen. He cannot just want to be president because it's a good title he must be in it till the end and care about the safety and well-being of the great country that is The United States of America.