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Religion Within Schools

Coming into schools, most students feel as if they are not allowed to talk about their faith and what they believe. My letter to the president clearly shows the ways that we should be able to feel comfortable being open about our faith, in schools if we want to.

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Dear Future President,

I have a heart for others and a heart for serving, and as a christian my faith is very important to me. I personally believe that I should be able to share my faith in my public school without being oppressed and getting in trouble. I also believe other religions should be able to share their faith as well and feel comfortable about sharing their personal beliefs and being respectful to others beliefs.

As said in the article “Bring Religion Back Into Public School and LIfe” it states that “we need to provide the option of prayer and faith in public life to religious Americans so they do not feel oppressed in reverse about being unable to practice their beliefs as well.” This article clearly states that we as American citizens, should have the right to be open about what we believe in public schools and that is exactly what I think.

This topic has been heavy on the government's lap for awhile now in various forms. In 1963, the Supreme Court had a court case Abington Township School District vs. Schempp, the court had declared school-sponsored bible teachings and readings of the Lord’s Prayer was unconstitutional. This court case clearly fits within the walls of public education beliefs. I believe that no student should have to be forced to believe a certain religion but that students should be able to feel welcomed to talk about their beliefs.

On a more personal level, growing up in public school i was only really allowed to talk about Jesus in a private environment with fellow Christians, but never share my beliefs. I had an atheist boy in my classes who offended me and did everything to stop the belief of Jesus throughout my school. I respected him even though it was very hard, I listened to him and accepted what he believed. Many school administrators have tried to stop this but i believe that students should have a voice and be able to have their voice heard. Like i said, I am a strong christian girl but i still respect others religions and i am interested in what people have to say.

Many people believe that school should only be for education purposes only, and that religion should be left for home and parents jobs. According to "Independent" an online source they state "Religious instruction should not take place in schools because “it allows little or no time for questioning or criticism by pupils and/or ignores other forms of religion and belief and grants them no legitimacy”. This source shows how religion shouldn't be used in school because some students may want to learn a different religion. 

In another source, “Faith & Freedom Series, Prayer and the public schools” it states that the U.S. Department of Education guidelines were sent to every public school in the nation, and stressed that students have the right to pray or discuss their religious views with their peers as long as they are not disruptive. This is exactly what i am pushing for in public schools. I am asking you as the president to make a change and help us students have a voice and share our beliefs.

Sincerely, Jenna

Avondale High School

Avondale High School

Honors English 10

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