Joshua B. Michigan

Gun Control

Gun Control in the USA needs to be more secure and protected.

Dear future President,

An ongoing issue and also a major topic in the current debates is the level of gun control in the U.S.

Being a hunter I use guns for animals but there are a lot of misuse of guns which has turned to killing and violence with these weapons. It is very disappointing to see this use of guns and is something that needs to be controlled and stopped.

The current issue around the word with gun control is the safety of others. Guns are being used for killings and is a very dangerous issue and there needs to some type of restrictions to slow or even the stop gun control getting out of the law enforcement's hands. As many read and hear about in the news, there have been many shootings and killings. Guns our the main source of killings and there have been many outbreaks of shootings and lives of others are being affected.

What we need is a solution to this massive problem and this growing problem, I propose we restrict the type of guns being sold. In further detail in gun stores or places where they sell guns, we limit the type of guns being sold. Military guns are made for use in the military there should be no reason to have a market of big guns used in the armed forces.

In conclusion, this problem needs to be stopped and as future president action need to be taken to put an end to this devastating occurrence of shootings and killings. I hope my possible solution and other proposed solutions are taken into deep consideration and there can be an end to the lack of gun control in the U.S.


Joshua Birch