Nathan Minnesota

ISIS and North Korea

Dear future president I think you should deal with ISIS and North Korea while in office. ISIS is growing in power they are getting more and more people to join their cause. 150 Americans have joined ISIS since it first started and 100 Americans in the last month. They will soon have enough people who are training that some of these smaller countries like the Cuba and Spain could get attacked and beat by ISIS. So America has to start the fight against ISIS and hopefully other countries will join us to take down ISIS. Another issue is North Korea, they are starting to get a nuclear weapons program and their leader, Kim Jong-un, is unpredictable. North Korea is shooting nuclear bombs in the Japan sea, to see if it could reach the Florida in the U.S. So if the U.S. doesn’t start to help protect South Korea and themselves, then the U.S. will get bombed by North Korea’s nuclear bombs and there will be no U.S. then North Korea’s done with us and they will move onto the next country. Whoever is elected please deal with the ISIS and North Korea. We don't want to have no U.S.