Morgan F. Minnesota

Abortion Means Murder

Abortion should be illegal in the United States as it is the killing of innocent babies. These babies have the right to life just as much as you and me. Also, parents should not be tricked into giving up their baby.

Dear Next President,

Congratulations on being elected president. I hope you fulfill your duties well and do not let this nation down. There are many issues which need to be addressed in our country at the moment. I believe one of the first tasks that you, as the president, should accomplish is banning abortions.

On April 15, 1996, Michael Frank was brought into this world. Three days later, he was taken out of this world. Michael’s grandparents never met him. Michael’s uncles and aunts never met him. Michael’s brother never met him. Even Michael’s parents never had the chance to meet him.

Michael is my unborn brother. While my mother was pregnant with Michael, the doctors told her that they could not hear a heartbeat. The doctors, because they did not have the knowledge nor the resources to deal with a mid-term death, sent my parents to another clinic. When they arrived at this unfamiliar clinic, my parents were left in the dark of where they truly were. While sitting in the waiting room, filling out paperwork and hearing the conversations around the room, my parents realized where they actually were: an abortion clinic. At that moment, my mother rushed to the counter and inquired about the place. Heating up and causing a scene, they took my parents into a private room to discuss the issue with a doctor, who told my parents that their intentions were to remove the baby. My mother, however, was not comfortable having her baby taken in a room which was adjacent to a room in which a baby was being killed. The doctors would not listen and said that it had to be done as the other doctor’s office did not know how to remove a baby.

Abortion is a horrendous act; it should be completely illegal. Abortion is killing a child: a human being. Why is it, that murder is illegal, but abortion is not? Both are killing innocent human beings. If murder is against the law, so should abortion be. It is not the baby’s fault if the pregnancy is seen as an “accident”. Why should the baby suffer and give up his/her life because of the parent’s “mistake”? That is not right. A child of a criminal does not face punishment for his/her parent’s evil doing; so, why should a blameless baby suffer, with the termination of his/her life, for a crime he/she did not commit.

Abortion is an unlawful killing of a harmless, innocent baby. Because of this, abortion should be illegal. Abortion is a cruel act that should not be allowed in this great country. If everyone is as truly free and equal, as our country claims we are, then, these babies, who have done no wrong, deserve the chance to live and prosper in life, just as much as any other human being. Even more so, parents who do not want to give up their child should not be tricked into such cruel acts. Because of these reasons, and countless others, abortion should be illegal and be on the top of your list of priorities as president.

Thank You.

God bless,

Morgan Frank

Benilde-St. Margaret's School

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