OSWALDO C. California


Homework has been a trouble for us for many years and we spend too much doing it instead of going outside and doing something with our life. Atleast 56% of kids get stress from homework. I personaly think we should make homework shorter and if we could not be given because it could help kids.

Dear Future President,

My life has been ok, ups and downs and one down has been homework. Homework has caused me to be stressed and to have problems because if I don't turn in homework I get a zero (F) and my grade goes down and my parents give me a whole lecture and I am sure my parents aren't the only ones and if they could make it shorter that would help a lot and if they don’t give it any more, that would be great and make my life happier because there would be no stress and i don’t have to think that the next day I have to turn in a assignment and that there was a test and that I had to study, but I forgot to because I had homework form another class.

There has been 56 percent of kids that have stress just because of homework and 43 of them said that test were one of the stressors and 33 said that trying to get a good grade in that category was one too. (stanford news). An average high schooler take 3.5 hours of homework, don’t you think that too much that could affect him by a lot of he just spends that time doing homework. If he did not have that homework he could have bonded more his family or with his friends or at least something, but homework stopped him if. Kids have not gone outside as the used to and thats for two reasons, homework and technology.I understand that homework can help, but too much can’t it could really be a huge problem not a huge help.

I am pretty sure that when you were in school you had homework and you hated it and you thought it was too much and I think the same most of the homework we do isn't going to help in the future like mental math, I mean its not like we have a calculator with us everyday and how about they taught us something useful like how to write a check or how to pay for a house or anything that can actually help in something and if you look at a class 150 years ago you can see nothing has changed. I am sure the future generation will have the same problem like we do and this will be agreed by others if they were too look at this and if you look at this I am sure that you will agree too.

If this letter were to inspire you to change homework or if it could help look at finland look at how they changed their schools they cut school time in half  and homework non existing. They are leading in education in the world wouldn't you like for the US to up there too or be better than them. This is not much and if you read this please help me in this, thanks.


Oswaldo C.

Lakeview MIddle School

Woods Period 1

This is Ms. Woods's first period class.

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