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Immigration Policy

One of the biggest controversies in America is Immigration and how it should be handled. Legal Immigration truly defines our country and makes us the great nation that we are, but it's time for illegal immigration to be cracked down upon.

Dear President,

America is the best nation on this planet (or at least has potential to be), but that does not mean we don't have major issues. One of the biggest controversial issues of our time is Immigration policy. When discussing the topic people tend to get confused between legal immigration and Illegal immigration, the difference is MAJORLY important. To start just look at the titles of the two, legal/illegal. America is essentially a country built on legal immigration, it defines us as a country and it creates such a diverse nation that stands out among the rest. Illegal immigration however is unfair to legal citizens, dangerous, and expensive for everyone except these illegal immigrants.

I completely recognize that most illegal immigrants do it to make a better life for their families, but America is a country built on laws and regulation, a line HAS to be drawn at some point to make a clear statement as to what is right and what is wrong. In 2014 alone over 11 million illegals made their way into our country (PewResearchCenter). This massive number is able to occur because their really isn't any major line being drawn to stop the issue! One of the first massive negatives of illegal immigration is the fact that the law abiding LEGAL citizens are the ones that pay to support the ILEGAL citizens, how is that fair? What if someone walked in your home one day, took a room and started living there, and then made you pay for his own rent in your own house? It's completely wrong and unfair, it goes against everything that this great country stands for and its truly outrageous that the numbers are so huge.

The next major issue that spawns from the source is the fact that we don't even have a record of who these people are. We don't know if they are criminals, we don't know if they are a harm to anyone, and there is absolutely no way to track it. Please do not get me wrong here, I am not blaming every illegal immigrant of these accusations, however I'm simply stating that we are unaware of who these people are and if they have potential to be a danger unlike a legal registered citizen. A few years back a 17 year old boy was killed from a dunk driver, the driver was an illegal immigrant. This is only one case of many, but it is truly tragic that a life was stolen by someone that didn't even have the legal rights to live in this country. Crime rates coming from illegals is surprisingly high, and it is not something to be taken lightly. (

Now the final issue is how exactly can this problem be fixed, which is actually quite simpler then one would think. Currently the policies are not very strict towards illegal immigration, which allows for it to not only simply occur, but it also grows. If a clear line was drawn I strongly believe this issue can be majorly fixed. What exactly does a "strong line" mean? Well it's actually decently straight forward, it involves cracking down on the boarder and tightening it for the first main source. The next step would be to deport illegals without hesitation. People tend to think that morally that is not okay, but as previously stated it's ILLEGAL immigration, deportation is an act of enforcing proper law. With those two steps enforced (strict border control and strict deportation) the issue should almost be nonexistent.

Overall I would like to state again how much I do support legal immigration, it's one of the best traits this country has. Illegal immigrants that get deported should most definitely have the right to then try and legally immigrate, but I truly believe that the illegal loophole must be destroyed. I hope as the next president of the United States of America you can recognize this issue and start enforcing these steps for not only the safety of our citizens, but to prove that we are in fact a great nation that doesn't stoop to illegal standards.


Nick R

Newbury Park High School

IB Lang & Lit HL 1 - Period 3A (Lilly)

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