Espen L. Virginia

The Economic Strata

Economic inequality

Dear Future President,

It is assumed that the low, middle and higher economic classes is a pretty gradual slope. But it’s not. There is only 3.6% of the population is in the upper class and, in 2013, the upper class averaged $639.400 for that year and the middle class (43.45 of the population) only averaged $96.500 that same year.

This needs to change. There must be equality for all. I have many friends who, most likely won’t be able to go to College because their family doesn’t have enough money. Our country needs to get it’s act together and close the gap between the classes by not taxing the poor and middle classes as much and we need to bring down the upper class, just a bit by upping taxes. Then we need to better distribute the money to the lower and middle classes, prioritizing the the bankrupt and broke household and family.