Nicholas K. Virginia

California Drought

Recently, it has come to my attention of the problems that California is facing with water usage. This problem has been going on for almost a year now, and I haven’t noticed anything happening to fully fix it. They have regulations on almost anything coming into play with that, such as drinking water, showering, and even putting sprinklers in your lawn. Now, while there are regulations, people still continue to use water in bulk. The main problem that I see is how no long term solution has been set. Yes, some neighboring states such as Nevada and Washington have started to give California some water through irrigation, but then won’t those states suffer the same fate as California? Another thing I really notice is how little this was discussed. Maybe for a week was this brought up a lot during meetings with the President and Congress, but after that? Nothing.

Personally, the biggest fault with California not being able to use water is the population. Once you factor in how many people California actually has, you begin to realize the full effect. Medically, this is terrible. Water is a human necessity, and not just to mention it’s the base for all life. Medicines, herbs, and antibiotics will suffer in California. Other states could ship them over, but then the problem isn’t really being solved. California will have to get most of their resources from other states. A good way to classify these short problem solvers is as “temporary band aids”. They patch the wound, but they don’t help it heal, and when you have to take them off, it hurts and reopens the wound.

I’m not saying that I have a good way to fix it, but I definitely see this as a huge problem that needs to be taken more seriously. California has the largest population in the U.S., coming in at almost 40 million. This problem needs to be solved, especially in the needs of those people. What if they start getting sick and dehydrated? Yes, they can give those people some more water, but what do you do when more and more people get dehydrated because their water is being spent on the sick? This isn’t the biggest problem in America, but I think it needs to have a long term solution because this cannot go on forever.